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The hallmark of each HBC token collection are the four Made Beaver tokens of the late 19th century Eastmain District. Treasured since their discovery by collectors in the Canadian Antiquarian and thought to be nearly unique, these more common tokens are still revealing a story today.

Unfortunately, much of the fantasy market for fur trade numismatica is inspired by this issue. Our members look for historical evidence of coin and currency before assuming authenticity on numismatic issues that have yet to be discovered.

Not limited exclusively to The Hudson’s Bay Company, many of our members collect the cultural artifacts related to the fur trade era through numismatics. One great example are Indian peace medals, issued in both Canada and The United States for centuries as diplomatic gifts for chiefs and high-ranking aboriginal officials.

They are one of the most commonly faked. Our members use their often numismatic training in studying strike, die state, and scientific elements such as specific gravity, weight, and measurements to denote authenticity.

Not limiting ourselves to just numismatic specimens, many of our members enjoy collecting and studying a plethora of artifacts and relics from the fur trade era. Especially popular are the tools of trade and survival. These tell the story of the rise and fall of the fur economy as well as the introduction of such technologies as forged iron, rifle muskets, copper cutlery to North America. Especially popular among collectors are trade axes and peace pipe tomahawks. For such an overly faked market our members enlist the assistance of public institutions, professional authenticators, and the historical evidence in ascertaining the legitimacy of an item.

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