The Hudson’s Bay Company Collector’s Society was founded in April 2016 to curb the growing number of fakes, forgeries, and fantasy pieces entering the secondary market for fur trade antiques and collectibles, with a specific focus on numismatic pieces of The Hudson’s Bay Company.

Our first general meeting took place at the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association 2016 Convention in Ottawa. We had the largest attendance of all club and organizations meetings that year with nearly 40 passionate numismatists and collectors.

Moving forward this young organization seeks to promote the responsible collecting and cataloging of HBC and fur trade collectibles for future generations of collectors and Canadians in general. Educating the public on authentic relics is paramount to our understanding of Canada’s fur trade era.

The organization has yet to adopt a formal mission statement.

Our Perspective Goals

  • Meet annually to discuss the state of the market in regard to forgeries and new discoveries
  • Maintain an electronic museum of examples of authentic and fake pieces in order to educate the public who are to study history or collect such examples
  • Publish a comprehensive catalog and collectors guide on Hudson’s Bay Company coinage with follow-up volumes on such topics as service medals.